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2017 MOYANO Camila, Doctorado UNIL


Camila Moyano (Chile)

Camila Moyano (CHILE, miembro de ICES) Tesis doctoral defendida el 01.09., sobre la carrera musical en Chile durante y después de la dictadura.


Research about musical work in Chile has considered that musicians have worked in precarious conditions during and after the dictatorship. Today, this precariousness has deepened due to the strong influence that neo-liberalism has had on almost every aspect of Chileans´ lives. By focusing mainly on labor conditions, however, the substantial corpus of research has paid less attention to its subjective consequences beyond the artistic work.
Regarding the main results, and taking into consideration the personal and the sociohistorical time, my thesis focuses on the self-assembly of 12 musicians in Santiago de Chile. Precisely to understand how musicians´ occupational career have been linked, along musician´s lives, to other social dimensions, such as family, education, and politics. The bond between the different social dimensions and music is principally oriented by moralities, which leads subjects to seek the “good life”. The principal approach was biographical and it borrows narrative studies’ tools to develop the interviews and the approach to the analysis (by content and formal). Working with three different generations, starting with the most recent, (relative peak of their careers in the 2000s, 1990s, and 1970s-80s), this thesis provides conclusions on (i) how music is more than an occupation, (ii) how gender differences are expressed in the musical profession, and (iii) how these generations reveal different ways of presenting themselves, within the stories of 12 Chilean musicians.