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Strategy And Competitiveness In Latin American Markets. The Sustainability Frontier
(Estrategia y competitividad en los mercados latinoamericanos. La frontera de sostenibilidad). 

Usando una combinación de estudios minuciosos y ejemplos prácticos, Estrategia y competitividad en los mercados de América Latina, explica cómo el concepto de la frontera de sostenibilidad que se desarrolla el libro resuelve el prolongado debate sobre si la sostenibilidad exige compensaciones o no. A través de su exploración de una variedad de desafíos y oportunidades de sostenibilidad, junto con varios modelos de sostenibilidad, los autores muestran cómo se puede ampliar la frontera de la sostenibilidad a través de la innovación  disruptiva (desestablizadora), la construcción de nuevas habilidades y por otros medios para garantizar soluciones «hay trade-off».

PuntoLatino felicita a sus dos redactores Florine Angele y Michaël Tuil, por participar en esta publicación bajo la dirección del Prof. Urs Jägger.


Strategy And Competitiveness In Latin American Markets
The Sustainability Frontier
Urs P. Jäger, Vijay Sathe
Edited by Urs P. Jäger, Associate Professor, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica and Vijay Sathe, C.S. & D.J. Davidson Professor of Management, Claremont Graduate University, US
2014, 352 pp Hardback
978 1 78471 141 2
Hardback $145.00 on-line price $130.50
Link: http://www.e-elgar.com/bookentry_mainUS.lasso?id=16110


'The search for ways of doing business that are the best for the world is the issue of our time. Add-on CSR is a last-Generation logic that has no value for the now-Generation let alone the next-Generation. This book is a clarion call to the kind of action that both matters and is the landscape of business success in our time.'
– Mark Drewell, CEO, The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative and co-author of Management Education for the World.

'Latin America has received too little world attention for the contributions its companies and governments are making for creating a sustainable world. This wonderful book will correct this problem. The book also makes a major conceptual contribution through its platform idea of the sustainability frontier.'
– Robert G. Eccles, Harvard Business School, co-author of One Report, and Founding Chairman, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Using a combination of thorough research and practical examples, Strategy and Competitiveness in Latin American Markets explains how the concept of the sustainability frontier that the book develops resolves the long-running debate on whether sustainability requires trade-offs or not. Through its exploration of a variety of sustainability challenges and opportunities, along with various sustainability models, the authors show how the sustainability frontier can be expanded through disruptive innovation, the building of new skills and by other means to secure 'no trade-off' solutions.

Experts in the field of sustainability in Latin America, researchers in the field of management, students of business administration and managers of companies operating in emerging countries will all find this book to be both useful and engaging.

Contributors: F. Angele, E.R. Brenes, A.R. Camacho, F.C. Cañeque, L. Ciravegna, S.L. Hart, J. Ickis, U. Jäger, M. Kramer, C. Laszlo, M. Löffler, A.M. Majano, C. Martinez, F. Pérez-Pineda, A.M. Prado, V. Sathe, D. Smith, R.P. Sroufe, Jr., M. Tuil, V. Umaña, P. Veling, K.L. Whittingham, D.R. Young


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Urs Jâgger rodeado por los redactores de PuntoLatino entre los que aparecen los co-autores del libro, Florine Angele y Michaël Tuil


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