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The Sonic Spectrum of Brazil's Tropicália: A Story Through Music with Jeffrey Pijpers

Venue: Corner College, Address: Kochstrasse 1, ZÜRICH

Date and Time: 09th November, at 18:30

Where there are opinions, differences arise. Nonetheless opinions by academics, critics and music lovers generally agree on the fact that Tropicália as a musical movement marked an important change in Brazil's musical history: it clearly marks a before and an after. A lot has been said and written about the movement already, but in spite of all the information that is available, it continues to be difficult to summarize what Tropicália is without running the risk of leaving some key elements out.
Therefore, in his presentation Jeffrey Pijpers wishes to introduce Tropicália through its own language: music. Different audio and visual fragments will be used to give an idea of the movement’s stylistic diversity, focusing not only on how it differs from other styles and currents in Brazilian music, but also emphasizing some important connections and continuities.

Dr. Jeffrey Manoel Pijpers finished his PhD at the University of Amsterdam with his dissertation “Sonic Resistance: Diaspora, Marginality and Censorship in Cuban and Brazilian Popular Music.” During his Master’s trajectory, he combined his career in Latin American Studies at Leiden University with a minor in classical guitar at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, which explains his interest in music through song lyrics and their performance. The space of “the sonic” as a nodal point of a song’s narrative, auditive and expressive characteristics is a central theme in his publications and presentations. He currently teaches Literature and Cultural Analysis at the Spanish department of the University of Amsterdam.

Support: Chair of Luso-Brazilian Studies/ University of Zurich





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